Founder: National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Government of the Samara Region,
National Museum and Exhibition Centre «ROSIZO»

Co-founder: Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region
Organizer: Central Volga Branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Commissar of the Biennale: Roman Korzhov (Russia)
Curator of the Main Project: Nelya Korzhova (Russia)
Curators of the Special Program: Martin Schibli (Sweden), Vitaly Patsukov (Russia)

Samara Regional History and Local Lore Museum named after P.v. Alabin
Curators Vitaly Patsukov, Anastasia Kozachenko
Participants: Ilya Kabakov, Vladimir Tarasov, Leonid Tishkov, Oleg Kulik, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov, Iraida Yusupova, Alexander Dolgin, Victor Skersis, Mikhail Roshal, Gennady Donskoy, Sergey Katran, Marina Fomenko, Vladimir Smolyar, Vladimir Seleznev, Artem Go
Coordinator — Konstantin Zatsepin

OPENING — August 25, 3 p.m.
142, Leninskaya st., Samara
Section of Nature of the Main Display of Samara Regional History and Local Lore Museum named after P.v. Alabin
Free admission on the opening date

The project examines traditions rooted in primal patterns of relations between human beings and surrounding reality. The project images build a dialog where the meaning of human existence is considered as a balance between nature and society. The structure of the display brings out complementary visual systems, creating a universal genetic code of vital processes and their completeness. The project compositions present artifacts immanent in artistic behavior and human action. They urge to find correspondence between human experience and ideals, specifying reflective symmetry of the flight where freedom unites human being and the winged Nature-bird.
Presented within the framework of the project, Ilya Kabakov’s album The Flying Komarov (1972) reveals humans' unrealized abilities, their special states, critical situations making it possible to surmount gravity and levitate in the sky. Photo documentation of «Gnezdo» group (G. Donskoy, v. Skersis, M. Roshal) performance (1975, DK «VDNKh») shows ideal existence of human being in archetypes of personal space, in absolute safety, in an archaic abode — in the NEST. The Private Moon in Romania (2015) is the series of photo compositions by Leonid Tishkov describing special magic space in which the moon becomes a real companion of man. The Private Moon or the natural satellite of the Earth in Leonid Tishkov’s project creates special intimate relations between space and human being, literally transforming the author’s private life and filling it with cosmic light. Cosmic body under our daily routine conditions transforms into a special organism which can completely change ordinary human existence endowing it with magic features and contents.
Video installation Larry (2016) by Vladimir Tarasov; The Battleship for Your Show (1996) by Oleg Kulik; The Cassowary (2014) by Sergey Katran; Bird (2015) by Vladimir Smolyar; Russia (2004) by D. A. Prigov, Iraida Yusupova and Alexander Dolgin; Lotus & Viola (2015) by Marina Fomenko — open a particular view of our civilization, phenomenon of conflicts and consensus in the system of relations between human being and nature, technologies and natural forms of life.

Vitaly Patsukov