Symposium «On Museum of the Intangible»
Roman Korzhov — Project Curator
Viktor Miziano — Symposium Moderator
Elena Bogatyryova — Project Coordinator

Symposium «On Museum of the Intangible» is announced as a mobile discussion platform of IX International Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art. It is dedicated to the development of strategic conceptual methods of new museum practice.
The subject of 2016 Shiryaevo Biennale — the Cash — «reveals the conflict between a wish to build a relationship of trust between people and a wish to survive under new conditions of total market networks». Museum as an art institution is an important strategic object because it converts into cash the interests of modern society and investigates its demands, traditionally playing a key role in the formation and development of society’s historical memory culture and being a catalyst of contemporary art processes.
Shiryaevo Biennale is chosen as a framework of the Symposium because during its history the Biennale has become the Region’s cultural brand and an assemblage point of international art initiatives as well as has suggested a new practice of contemporary art exhibiting. The main project of the Biennale includes involvement of the audience into the process and new sensory experience of contemporary art that avoids ready-made formula of success and event approach, and does not fit into the format of pure «cultural leisure and entertainment».
The Symposium is dedicated to the understanding of regional and world experience in museumification of art including its actual practices as well as creation of the multi-functional resource center for the development of contemporary art in the Central Volga Region. The following questions are to be discussed at the Symposium:

  1. Is contemporary museum an outpost of social and cultural changes? What is the intangible social capital of art museum nowadays?
  2. How does contemporary museum work with historic art heritage, including history of its own exhibitions, and explore new art practices? What innovations are allowable?
  3. What are the constituents of cultural politics with regard to museums in international practice and in Russia? How does it affect the contemporary art conditions? How can art museum influence the realization of cultural politics in the region?
  4. What communication strategies and tactics are developed while museum functioning depends on exhibition industry and is based mostly on financial motivations? What are the ethical consequences of this situation?
  5. What is the role and meaning of new museum in the city and the region?

The Symposium is of great importance for the development of the Central Volga branch and the network of its partners especially in the present moment of reorganization process of Russian institutional field in the domain of art.
Invited specialists are curators, theorists, fine art experts, representatives of cultural institutions, artists and others (the list to be specified).

Viktor Miziano (Russia /Italy);
Anna Gor (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia);
Anna Tolstova (Moscow, Russia);
Kirill Svetlyakov (Moscow, Russia);
Olesya Turkina (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Martin Schibli (Stockholm, Sweden);
Felix Gmelin (Oslo, Norway)
Alan Armstrong (UK/Norway)
Olga Kiseleva (Paris, France);
Vera Lagutenkova (Moscow, Russia);
Vitaly Pacyukov (Moscow, Russia);
Anastasia Kozachenko (Moscow, Russia);
Nelya Korzhova (Samara, Russia);
Roman Korzhov (Samara, Russia);
Elena Bogatyryova (Samara, Russia);
Ilya Samorukov (Samara, Russia);
Konstantin Zatsepin (Samara, Russia);
Sergey Balandin (Samara, Russia)

Project time frame:
26.08.2016 — 30.08.2016
Project schedule:
26.08 — arrival in Samara, check-in of the participants
27.08 — Biennale Main Project «The Nomadic Show» (Shiryaevo village)
8:30 — departure from Samara riverside station (quay № 1)
11:20 — The Nomadic Show starts at Shiryaevo quay after arrival of boats from Samara
20:00 — dinner
28.08 — Symposium. Part I. Shiryaevo
11:00 — 14:00 — Shiryaevo Community Center
14:00 — 16:00 — dinner
Symposium. Part II. Aboard a ship from Shiryaevo to Samara
17:00 — 19:00 — «Summarizing the Main Project of IX Shiryaevo Biennale».
29.08 — Symposium. Part III. Samara
11:00 — 14:00 — Central Volga Branch of NCCA, the Factory Kitchen
14:30 — 16:00 — dinner
16:00 — 18:00 — Samara Regional Museum of Art
20:00 — dinner
30.08 — Departure

Translated by Andrey Senatorov