NOMADIC EXHIBITION «GLEE» 07.09 — 07.10.2018 in the pavillions in Shiryaevo

Organiser: Central Volga branch of National Centre of Contemporary Art as part of ROSIZO
With the support of: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Museum and Exhibition Center «ROSIZO», the Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region
General partner: Mikhail Prohorov Fund
Comissar of biennale: Roman Korzhov
Artistic director of the Biennale,
curator of the main project: Nelya Korzhova
Coordinator of biennale: Konstantin Zatsepin
Assistant curator: Anastasiya Albokrinova

The state of «glee» is wanted by everyone. This is what we really want to want. At the same time, the phenomenon of glee is the basic form of many cultures and peoples. The theme generalizes the experience of the Shiryaevo Biennale, based on the experiment of the movement. This is an attempt to find a path to yourself, where all we feel is the event itself.

The central event of Biennale is the exhibition-journey «Nomadic show». This is a symbiosis of two concepts: european — «show» and asian — «nomadic». The space for the presentation of works is the landscape between the two mountains, river Volga, mine galleries, the shore of the lake, village streets and houses. Spectators are moving along the proposed route together with the artists. «Nomadic show» offers an alternative to the concept of the «white cube», but also independence from the «vertical of power» in the art.

At the jubilee Biennale a nomadic exhibition in the homes of local residents is presented for the first time during a month. The idea of ​​the exhibition was born as an extension of the format of the nomadic show, traditionally held for one day.

In the structure of the show there are several passages overlapping each other and creating a semblance of architectonics of dance. The final exhibition accumulates all the works of the participants of the main project of the Biennale at four areas.

The exposure is divided into 4 thematic pavilions, each generalizes a certain form of experience:


The basic form here is the transcultural project «Shibboleth» of four artists: Natalia Vikulina, Natalia Skobeeva, Anya Charikov-Micleburgh and Anya Mohova. Shibboleth is a kind of code known only to a small group of people who uses it to transmit information. On the general background of globalization people are trying to preserve their self. Contemporary art is a vivid example of how people organize and speak a certain language of codes.

In a kind of counterpoint with this idea, the authors from Samara Oleg Zakharkin, Kirill and Maxim Yakunins, who created the interactive object «Glee Complex», come in. When do we experience glee? When we found a purse full of money. Or we let out a book. The market industry always tells us: «Do this and you will glee all the time». Artists have made an object, passing through that, the participant will be able to experience the imaginary glee through the constant payment of something.


— Trans-cultural project «Shibbolet», opera of objects and people, installation, video.
Libretto: Natalia Skobeeva (Belgium — Great Britain — Russia);
Sound: Natalia Vikulina (Great Britain), Natalia Skobeeva:
Video: Natalia Vikulina;
Objects: Anya Charikov-Micleburgh (Great Britain) and Anya Mohova (Russia).
In the project took part: Stephan Köperl, Ekaterina Isaeva, Martial Verdier, Oleg Zakharkin, Kirill and Maxim Yakunins, Alexandr Gurevich, Elizaveta Krivulina.
— «Daughter of Volga, My Rasa Rekha», Piyali Ghosh (India). Video documentation of performance.
— «Сomplex of glee», Oleg Zaharkin, Kirill and Maxim Yakunins (Russia). Fragment of installation.
— «Jump», Semyon Voronov (Russia). Photo documentation of performance. In project took part: Darya Avdonina, Alexey Larin, Darya Tishko, Asya Voronova, Ivan Chirikov, Yannis Owaked, Karina Guseva.
— «Essence of Shiryaevo», Jannis Owaked. Installation.
— «Body roll, this body rolls», Sora Park. Photo documentation of performance.
— «Seх, glee and rock’n’roll», Stephan Köperl. Photo documentation of performance.


In 1999 there was a kindergarten in this place. Later, a stable yard for tourists settled here. We found this connection interesting. Crib is a place for pets. And Christ was born in a crib. We can say that this is the «first house» for a person. A duo of artists from Italy Stefano Bergamo and Renzo Durante were working here. Stefano works with the antique heritage, makes photo collages. For example, Poseidon with a bag of McDonald’s, beautiful nymphs with ordinary objects of everyday life, yelling man with macaroni from his mouth. Antiquity is the «childhood of mankind», its first wonderful steps… in the manger and with a smile.


— «Classic. 3.0», Stefano Bergamo, Renzo Durante. Installation, sculptures, photo, objects.
— «Victims of the landscape», «Night» movement (Anastasia Ryabova, Varvara Gevorgizova). Fragments of video documentation of performances.
— «It’s not easy when it’s hard», Kajsa Haagen. Photo documentation of performance.


X Shiryaevo biennale is held in the year when 50 years of may 1968 events in Paris broke out, stirred up the world and made a huge impact on culture. The artistic and philosophical ideas raised at that time brought society to a new level.

Club-86 demonstrates how pre-political ties develop and are they possible, what is their strength? Now we are experiencing the time managers — they think that in art you can bring order and establish justice. But in art there is no justice, it can not be defeated.

The basic form in this pavillion is project «XOXOT» by Antibody Corporation (April Lynn, Adam Rose) with Burning Orchid (Efrén Arcoiris, Rosé Hernandez).


— «XOXOT», Antibody Corporation (April Lynn, Adam Rose) with Burning Orchid (Efrén Arcoiris, Rosé Hernandez). Video documentation of performance.
— «What is happiness? A perfect bliss», Martial Verdier and Virginie Rochetti. Video.
— Sound project-installation «FONTANA MIX», Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music: Ivan Bushuev, Oleg Tanzov, Mikhail Dubov, Gleb Hohlov, Ilya Rubinstein, Victoria Korshunova. Video fragment of concert.
— «Alien-nation», Olesya and Roman Mund. Photo documentation of performance.


Yurt is a «moving» house connected with the idea of «Nomadic show» as living through passing. This is a collapsible construction, in some ways ahead of nature today. Yurt was invented at the dawn of wholeness experience, to the realization of the metaphysics of the new world. As a basis here will be presented the projects of artists of Central Asia: Erbossyn Meldibekov, Ayatgali Tuleubek and Saodat Ismailova.


— «Cinema», Erbossyn Meldibekov. Installation, photos.
— «Rugged terrain», Ayatgali Tuleubeck. Video.
— «Pagan poem», Saodat Ismailova. Video.
— Andrey Kuzkin, «The Phenomenon of Nature or 99 landscapes with a tree». Photo documentation of performance.
— «Rest area», Сharles-Antoine Blais Metivier. Objects.
— «Gallop», Maria Kryuchkova. Photo documentation of performance.
— «Stones and birds», Ginais San Andres Chorres. Photo documentation of performance.